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Web Scraping FYI is a modern knowledge base that covers popular technology, concepts and techniques used in web scraping.

Web Scraping is an enormous subject that is often secretive and hard to navigate. This knowledge base aims to condense many popular web scraping concepts into a single location that is easy to understand and navigate for beginner and experienced developers.

What to expect?

Web Scraping FYI is a digestible knowledge and overview of web scraping tools, techniques and concepts.

This knowledge base is structured into several key web scraping sections:

  • Overview section overviews web scraping as a subject - what is web scraping, is it legal and how is it generally being done.
  • Web Technologies section is a short primer on how the modern web works from the perspective of web scraping.
  • Other section contains everything else that doesn't fit into the above sections like popular tools, services and communities.
  • Libraries section contains information and comparison of popular community libraries used in web scraping.

For beginners, we recommend following along in the order of each section (click the "Next" button at the bottom of the page).
Otherwise, every page is designed to be self-sufficient and indexable, so feel free to explore.


For feedback, feel free to email us Each page also has a little feedback button at the bottom (requires ad blocker to be disabled).

Thanks, and happy scraping!

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