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v2.1.1 (31 Jan 2024) Apr 15 2018 58 (month)

url is a package for working, modifying and parsing web URLs. This package is for you when PHP's parse_url() is not enough.

Key Features:

  • Parse a URL and access or modify all its components separately.
  • Resolve any relative reference you may find in an HTML document to an absolute URL, based on the document's URL.
  • Get not only the full host of a URL, but also the registrable domain, the domain suffix and the subdomain parts of the host separately (Thanks to the Mozilla Public Suffix List).
  • An advanced API to access and manipulate the URL query component.
  • Compare URLs or components of URLs (e.g. checking if different URLs point to the same host or domain)
  • Thanks to symfony/polyfill-intl-idn it's also no problem to parse internationalized domain names (IDN).
  • Includes an adapter class which implements the PSR-7 UriInterface.

Example Use

use Crwlr\Url;

$url = new Url('');

// Parse url for parts:
echo $url->scheme();
echo $url->host();
echo $url->path();
echo $url->query();
echo $url->fragment();
// update values
echo $url->path("some/new/query");

// Create url from parts:
$url = new Url();
echo $url->toString();

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