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advertools is productivity & analysis tools to scale your online marketing A digital marketer is a data scientist. Your job is to manage, manipulate, visualize, communicate, understand, and make decisions based on data. You might be doing basic stuff, like copying and pasting text on spread sheets, you might be running large scale automated platforms with sophisticated algorithms, or somewhere in between. In any case your job is all about working with data.

As a data scientist you don't spend most of your time producing cool visualizations or finding great insights. The majority of your time is spent wrangling with URLs, figuring out how to stitch together two tables, hoping that the dates, won't break, without you knowing, or trying to generate the next 124,538 keywords for an upcoming campaign, by the end of the week!

advertools is not exactly a web scraping tool but it does implement a lot of SEO tools that can be also repuposed for web scraping.

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