Http libs

language client highlights
Python httpx feature-rich, http2, async, http-proxy, socks-proxy
requests ease of use, http-proxy, socks-proxy
Go req feature-rich, http2, http3, http-proxy, socks-proxy
resty feature-rich, http2, http-proxy
Ruby typhoeus uses-curl, concurrency
faraday ease-of-use, can adapt typhoeus
PHP guzzle uses-curl, concurrency
symfony-http uses-curl, concurrency
R crul uses-curl, concurrency
httr uses-curl, concurrency
Nim puppy uses-curl winhttp or appkit, http-proxy
Rust hurl uses-curl
NodeJS axios feature-rich, async, http-proxy, socks-proxy

* uses-curl - all libraries that use curl inherit it's features like http/socks proxies etc.

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