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playwright is a Python package that allows developers to automate web browsers for end-to-end testing, web scraping, and web performance analysis. It is built on top of WebKit, Mozilla's Gecko, and Microsoft's EdgeHTML, and it is designed to be fast, reliable, and easy to use.

playwright is similar to Selenium, but it provides a more modern and powerful API, with features such as automatic waiting for elements, automatic retries, and built-in support for browser contexts, which allow you to open multiple pages in a single browser instance.

Playwright also provides an asynchronous client which makes scaling playwright-powered web scrapers easier than alternatives (like Selenium)

Example Use

from playwright import sync_playwright

# Start Playwright
with sync_playwright() as playwright:
    # Launch a browser instance
    browser = playwright.chromium.launch()
    # Open a new context (tab)
    context = browser.new_context()
    # Create a new page in the context
    page = context.new_page()

    # Navigate to a website

    # Find an element by its id
    element = page.get_by_id("example-id")

    # Interact with the element

    # Fill an input form
    page.get_by_name("example-name").fill("example text")

    # Find and click a button

    # Wait for the page to load

    # Get the page title

    # Close the browser

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Other Languages

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