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Requestium is a Python library that merges the power of Requests, Selenium, and Parsel into a single integrated tool for automatizing web actions.

The library was created for writing web automation scripts that are written using mostly Requests but that are able to seamlessly switch to Selenium for the JavaScript heavy parts of the website, while maintaining the session.

Requestium adds independent improvements to both Requests and Selenium, and every new feature is lazily evaluated, so its useful even if writing scripts that use only Requests or Selenium.

Example Use

from requestium import Session, Keys

session = Session(webdriver_path='./chromedriver',

# then session object can be used like requests and parsel:
title = session.get('').xpath('//title/text()').extract_first(default='Default Title')

# other advance functions like POST requests and proxy settings are also available:'', data={'field1': 'data1'})
s.proxies.update({'http': '', 'https': ''})

# session can also be used like selenium as it exposes all selenium functions.
# like typing keys:
s.driver.find_element_by_xpath("//input[@class='user_name']").send_keys('James Bond', Keys.ENTER)

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