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58.1 thousand (month) Apr 20 2016 v1.3.0(4 months ago)
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Dec 14 2008 2.0 million (month) 2024.2.26(4 months ago)

The gofeed library is a robust feed parser that supports parsing both RSS, Atom and JSON feeds. The library provides a universal gofeed.Parser that will parse and convert all feed types into a hybrid gofeed.Feed model.

You also have the option of utilizing the feed specific atom.Parser or rss.Parser or json.Parser parsers which generate atom. Feed , rss.Feed and json.Feed respectively.

Supported feed types:

  • RSS 0.90
  • Netscape RSS 0.91
  • Userland RSS 0.91
  • RSS 0.92
  • RSS 0.93
  • RSS 0.94
  • RSS 1.0
  • RSS 2.0
  • Atom 0.3
  • Atom 1.0
  • JSON 1.0
  • JSON 1.1

html2text is a Python library that allows developers to convert HTML code into plain text. It is designed to be easy to use, and it provides several options to customize the output.

The package uses the python's built-in html.parser to parse the HTML and then convert it to plain text.

html2text also comes with a CLI tool that can convert HTML files to text:

Usage: html2text [filename [encoding]]

Option  Description
--version   Show program's version number and exit
-h, --help  Show this help message and exit
--ignore-links  Don't include any formatting for links
--escape-all    Escape all special characters. Output is less readable, but avoids corner case formatting issues.
--reference-links   Use reference links instead of links to create markdown
--mark-code Mark preformatted and code blocks with [code]...[/code]

Example Use

// parse feed from URL
fp := gofeed.NewParser()
fp.UserAgent = "MyCustomAgent 1.0"  // we can modify http client with custom headers etc.
feed, _ := fp.ParseURL("")

// parse feed from string
feedData := `<rss version="2.0">
<title>Sample Feed</title>
fp := gofeed.NewParser()
feed, _ := fp.ParseString(feedData)

// or file
file, _ := os.Open("/path/to/a/file.xml")
defer file.Close()
fp := gofeed.NewParser()
feed, _ := fp.Parse(file)
import html2text

h = html2text.HTML2Text()

# Ignore converting links from HTML
h.ignore_links = True
print h.handle("<p>Hello, <a href=''>world</a>!")
"Hello, world!"

print(h.handle("<p>Hello, <a href=''>world</a>!"))

"Hello, world!"

# Don't Ignore links anymore, I like links
h.ignore_links = False
print(h.handle("<p>Hello, <a href=''>world</a>!"))
"Hello, [world](!"

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