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URI.js is a lightweight JavaScript library for working with URLs and URIs in Node.js and the browser. It provides a simple and consistent interface for parsing, manipulating, and building URLs and URIs.

httptools is a package for parsing and modifying HTTP protocol strings which supports HTTP1.1 and HTTP2 protocol versions.

httptools is a Python binding for the nodejs HTTP parser. The package is available on PyPI: pip install httptools

Example Use

const URI = require('uri-js');

// parse url for values
const parsedUrl = URI.parse("");
/* Output:
    scheme: 'https',
    authority: '',
    path: '/search',
    query: 'q=query+string',
    fragment: 'fragment'

// create url from values
const urlComponents = {
    scheme: 'https',
    authority: '',
    path: '/search',
    query: 'q=query+string',
    fragment: 'fragment'
const url = URI.serialize(urlComponents);
// Output: ''

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